Friday, August 10, 2012



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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sydney, Melbourne. Great Ocean Road


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New Zealand


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Friday, March 30, 2012

TGM. bOrder crossing 4. Bameizhen & sn0wman

30/3/2012 Update. Bameizhen & sn0wman
We left Tagong at noon today, wishing each other safe journey. All of them came down from Danba and towards next destination Xinduqiao but only us are doing the other way round, going up. The map show about 170km reaching Danba and we always assume the "highway" condition is just like ours back home and the drive should not take more than 3 hours, but we were wrong. The first 70km were still fine although the two lane highway allowing only one car moving to each directions, the rest were in maintenance condition.

Can't descript more the view as the pictures says it all. In fact it reminds us of Mongolia. A long Tagong grass land towards Bameizhen with average above sea level 3500m. Children always have much question why our 4 seasons all the same whole long year. All the knowledge knowing of snow only came by books, tv or pictures and in fact both of us had not experience as well. This is also partly the reason we choose to visit during winter. Everyone were excited to build our very first snowman. We were expecting light snow in this November timing, unfortunately the strange weather it came in earlier last month October and stop. Although it wash't snowing but found a big spot cover with ice when we passes by Bameizhen.

And it has become our stage, no age boundaries. Throw all you can!

We drove a side very long river all the way to Danba. Locals name it Yak River (犁牛 / 犁牛河). It is state came  down from Yala Snow mountain (雅拉雪山 Yǎ lā xuě shān) and Tibetan call it Eastern White Yak (夏学雅拉嘎波 xià xué yǎ lā gá bō). And we reached Danba in the evening around 5.30pm.

short break. Fresh air and listen to birds singing.

Local house tower, we have reach Danba.

Here's where we stay in. 24 hours Hot water, wifi and only RMB80 (RM40)

Local store for dinner, 3 bow noodles, 3 plates dumplings & drinks RMB26 (RM13)

Charging battery and charging ourself for the day.

Tomorrow, Danba legendary beauty!


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TGM. bOrder crossing 3. Tagong

21/2/2012 Update. Kangding, Xingduqiao & Tagong.

After breakfast, we continue our journey taking the 318 national highway and during the drive hopefully to hear good news from earlier the couple that able to pass through Mt. ZheDuo to reach Xingduqiao. China National Highway 318 (G318) runs from Shanghai to Zhangmu on the China-Nepal border. It is 5,476 kilometres in length and runs west from Shanghai towards Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan, and ends in Tibet. One notable section of this[citation needed] road is the Si Du River Bridge, the bridge with the greatest vertical clearance in the world as of its 2009 completion. From Lhasa to Zhangmu it is also called Friendship Highway. The 115 km. continuation to Kathmandu is named Arniko Rajmarg. Wiki source. Thanks to the lady owner showing us a shortcut that can reach reach Kangding without going back the way we came from during last night dinner. Is by going through the Moxizhen village with an hour drive or so.

Kangding 康定 County is located in the west edge of the mountains and the transition zone of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, located in Sichuan Province and elevation of 2600 m. Choke points of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Kangding has always been known as the"Hans and Tibetan corridor" and has always been a Tibetan areas to the portal of the Central Plains region, a long as the state capital, political, economic and cultural center of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. As well as a historical city from this "Love Song of Kangding" known in the world. Population here is about 100,000 and roughly they were divided in about 40% of Tibetan, 40% Hans and 20 of remaining of others. Some said, everything west from here are Tibetan and everything east from here are Hans. With its rich cultures and historical from years of dynasty, you could just hang around here for days. When we were still deciding what's next as it was just only a moment before noon time which we came from the shortcut, our driver had a call from the couple saying that Mt. Zheduo was clear and a go! Weather is getting colder and colder, we just grab some snack and to a local bank for some RMB exchange and jump into the car and continue hitting highway 318 to Xingduqiao, a said photographer dream land.

Mt. ZheDuo 折多山 4200m above sea level 吓死人的二郎山,翻死人的折多山. Basically passing through Mt. ZheDuo is actually entering Tibetan area. As its peak say it all, freezing! We had as short break here but 5 mins enjoying the view, 10 mins in the car for the heater. Ha! Kids were so enjoying playing around.

Xingduqiao 新都 Many said it is a photographic paradise. But the villages and township enterprises also well in trade, transport, machine repair, sewing and food service industry. The main agricultural production of barley, wheat, peas, potatoes. At first we plan to rest here then will pass through Tagong then to reach Danba but there were a fight among some locals and we saw policeman holding shotguns and our car was hit by rocks! Our driver advise us should we not to stop and head forward. We quickly drive pass and reach Tagong for a night after a few more hours drive. What a day!

Tagong 塔公. In Tibetan translate it means "Buddha-like". Located about 113 km northwest of Kangding, 3730 meters above sea level, the highlands of Sichuan Tibet highway passes through scenic of snow mountains, grasslands, temples, lakes, flowers, yaks, natural cultural landscape! We grab our late lunch in one decent restaurant here after a long drive and we found and stay in this Snowland Guesthouse which was recommended in Lonely Planet. Most of the guesthouse here and those towards North area are closed during winter and even hot shower are hardly provided. A small room around 400sf with two single bed and a small toilet cost only RMB50. Really can't complaint much as it was so cold at night, non of us thinking of hot shower and we were all cover up as thick as we can and not even having bugs bite problem. We had a great night here even it was near 0 degrees at night. Every guest were in the dinning area surrounding the one and only heater in the guest house! The cook was so busy with us as we all having joy moment, busy talking, eating & laughing. We had Canadian couple Steve and Ann but she is chinese migrant to Canada in young age who only speak little chinese and having conversation with kids in english. Two young Israel girls studying Chinese in University ordering food speaking chinese to the cook. Calvin an American has been living in China for 5 years and I chat in fluent chinese. A local Tibetan join us for the joy by entertaining us singing his favorite Justin Bieber songs from his hand phone ringtone. As said things are often funny, we were thinking of staying in Xingduqiao but because of the interruption and end up here in Tagong. Thanks to that, otherwise we definitely missed this great night!

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